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Nowadays, people spend most of the time in offices, buildings, and shopping malls. It is time to go camping. Cookmate makes it easier for everyone. We offer full ranges of camping cookware to all of the customer all over the world.How about have a cup of nice coffee in the forest or in the mountain? Portable coffee tools set is available in Cookmate now. You can enjoy the coffee any time any where. With cushion inside, the set is well protected for times of travel whether go hiking or go camping.

A pizza shovel is a small shovel-like utensil used primarily by chefs to smoothly slide thin slices of pizza, pastries, bread, and other cooked food into and out of a hot oven. It is typically made of wood with a long flat handle extending from the side of the utensil, for supporting the cooked food and a thin wooden handle on the opposite side. As it is used, it quickly slides in and out of the oven, providing a firm support for the food as it cooks.

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